The Label was founded in 2007, as a result from the shared passion in music styles from the co-founders. Francesco  Mennillo and Josh Ayala, with Neapolitan and Dominican roots respectively, both living in Barcelona Spain. They played together in several famous clubs of the city and so they started producing their own music.  The productions of this Label are a fusion of funky minimal tech with just a few ingredients but always with very fresh grooves of distinguishable art. Therefore the name “LEICHTklang” witch means “light tones” in German. Leichtklang has already published 20 releases entering as well to the top 100 of the minimal and techhouse section in the Beatport Portal, the number 1 platform of digital music for Dj's. Next releases coming up soon exclusively at Beatport. Do not miss them following us at Beatport.

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Photo credits to Reni Li Wu